Certified Green

SCM Homes is the only certified Energy Star and Green Built builder in the Central Valley, which means homebuyers can be assured they are purchasing the most energy efficient homes possible. Energy consultants estimate homeowners will realize a 40% savings in energy costs which can save hundreds of dollars every year in utility bills.

What is a Green Built Home?

Our federal and state governments are very concerned about our environment and air quality. So they are encouraging builders nation wide to build Green. Green Building is a philosophy and a concept to do what is best for our environment now and in the future. A Green built home is a home that has stricter guidelines than the building code of California in three major areas: LAND & WATER USAGE, ENERGY & AIR, RECYCLING & REUSE.

We at SCM Homes have addressed these issues by hiring California Living & Energy, an independent third party HERS rater, who performs pre-construction plan checks, field verification and registration of your home on the State registry.

Benefits of Green Built Homes

Conserving Land/Water

  • We have our landscapers design our lots with a maximum of 75% grass and 25% minimum low or arid scrubs. A drip system is installed to conserve water and help with your metered water. We also have installed water saving faucets and toilets.

Energy Efficiency & Air Quality

  • All homes are 15+% above state energy standards.
  • HVAC systems are Mechanically engineered and stamped.
  • Field inspected to verify:
    • No leakage of air in duct run.
    • Correct airflow with right velocity.
    • Jump ducts allow air to circulate with door closed.
    • A/C units verified for size and efficiency.

Energy Efficiency: Infiltration of Air Leakage Through Envelope (Exterior Wall)

  • Insulation Systems are field verified for:
    • Method of installation
    • Backing on wall normally open to unconditioned space.
    • No crushing, overlapping, or stuffing batts.
    • Cut around pipes that are in wall.
    • Caulking between the slab and exterior wall before they stand the wall.
    • Air conditioning units verified for size and efficiency.

Recycling/Reuse (Help Save Our Landfills and Cut Down on Virgin Material)

  • The scrap material – concrete, wood, roofing material – is taken to a distribution center, separated from waste material and recycled. In doing so, it cuts back on the rapid expansion of our landfill sites.

Questions You Should Ask Other Home Builders:

  1. Do they have an independent third party company inspecting and verifying the work that is being done throughout the construction of their homes?
  2. Do they have an outside mechanical engineer – a person that has a degree in mechanical engineering – designing their HVAC system?
  3. Do they have field verifications to guarantee the quality of system designs
  4. Are they helping you with water usage in their homes, and if so, how?
  5. What are they doing to help the environment? Are they part of Green Built Homes of America?
  6. Are their houses ENERGY STAR and registered on the ENERGY STAR REGISTRY?
  7. How energy efficient are their homes? Are they 15+% more efficient than what is required by the State of California?

We can answer YES to ALL THE ABOVE. Can they?